What is MPPT in inverter?
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What is MPPT in inverter?

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MPPT in Solar inverter is an important technology, which can optimize the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants, resulting in a higher conversion rate of light energy and greater power generation. The following will introduce the MPPT technology in the Solar inverter from three aspects.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction to MPPT

  • The role of MPPT

  • Advantages and MPPT in Solar inverter

Introduction to MPPT

First, an introduction to MPPT. MPPT stands for Maximum PowerPoint Tracking. In Solar inverter plants, solar panels will generate different voltages and currents due to factors such as the intensity of sunlight and angles. If the battery is directly connected to the circuit, the battery will not be able to make full use of the power generation, and even power loss will occur. The important function of MPPT technology is to keep the input current and voltage of the battery in the best state by continuously adjusting the working voltage of the battery so that the energy utilization rate reaches the highest point.

The role of MPPT

Second, declare its role. The role of MPPT technology in Solar inverters is very important. First of all, by constantly tracking the output power of the battery and the input current and voltage, in the process of matching the converted AC power with the output power of the DC interface, it is ensured that the dynamic or actual power output by each solar panel of the photovoltaic power station is always at The optimal state ensures the maximum power generation efficiency and power generation capacity of the photovoltaic power station. Secondly, MPPT technology also can defend against low battery voltage and insufficient power. By controlling the output voltage of the charger, the input current of the solar panel of the Solar inverter is in the best state, ensuring the long-term stable and normal operation of the photovoltaic power station. Purpose.

Advantages and MPPT in Solar inverter

Finally, advantages and MPPT in Solar inverters. MPPT technology is not the latest technology, but its application in Solar inverters can make the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic power plants more efficient, and avoid errors due to different parameters and environmental variables. Specifically, it may be more difficult for MPPT technology to track the sun's rays in harsh environments, but it is very effective in maintaining power generation by continuously adjusting the operating voltage of the battery. In addition, the investment cost of MPPT technology is not high. When choosing a solar inverter, choose a model with MPPT, which can not only generate electricity efficiently, but also reduce electricity bills, and can also make your photovoltaic power plant have a longer life. Therefore, MPPT technology in Solar inverters is worth recommending.

All in all, MPPT technology in Solar inverters plays a vital role in photovoltaic power plants. It is researched and developed for higher power generation and efficiency. By constantly tracking the output voltage and current of the solar panel, the input current and voltage of the battery are guaranteed to be in the best state, so that the photovoltaic power plant can always work in the optimal state. At the same time, its investment cost is not high, making this technology widely used in Solar inverters. We believe that with the continuous advancement of technology, the MPPT technology in the Solar inverter will become more advanced and bring more clean energy to mankind.

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