What happens if solar inverter is overloaded?
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What happens if solar inverter is overloaded?

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In a grid-connected PV system, the modules, inverter, and grid constitute the electrical system. The inverter generates as much power as the solar module converts into solar energy, so the grid-connected inverter has no special requirements for AC overload because the inverter's output power does not exceed the module power. In the off-grid PV system, the module, battery, inverter, and load constitute the electrical system. The output power of the inverter is determined by the load, and some inductive loads, such as air conditioners and water pumps, have motors that start at 3-5 times the rated power, so the off-grid inverter has special requirements for overload. In daily use, we may encounter the situation of inverter overload. So, what are the effects of solar inverter overload? Here are at least two key points.

Here is the content list.

  • Affects the efficiency of the solar system's power generation.

  • Affects the lifetime of the Solar inverter.

Affects the efficiency of the solar system's power generation.

Solar inverter overload causes an increase in current and circuit load, which increases energy consumption. At the same time, the electronic components inside the Solar inverter will also be subject to transient high-temperature power consumption due to overload, and the long time overload will lead to the aging of electronic components, which will result in the reduction of solar power generation. Solar inverters currently on the market use environmentally friendly materials, and each electronic component has undergone rigorous quality testing, making them extremely durable. Moreover, Solar inverter can withstand high interference voltage, stability, signal strength, etc., and is capable of stable operation and processing large amounts of data and information. The solar inverter has a vital role in the solar energy system, and choosing a high-quality and stable Solar inverter is very important to ensure the continuous power generation of the solar energy system. A solar inverter is easy to install, stable quality has high power output and

Affects the lifetime of the Solar inverter.

Once the Solar inverter is overloaded, the excessive current will make the electronic components and capacitors of the Solar inverter burn out very easily, which will lead to damage to the circuitry inside the Solar inverter and eventually end up with the Solar inverter failing. Overload conditions that occur repeatedly can shorten the life of the Solar inverter in a short period. Based on the importance of solar inverters and the severe impact of overload, we need to pay attention to how to choose a suitable and reliable solar inverter.

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