How Solar Power System Works?
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How Solar Power System Works?

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The history of solar energy can be traced back to the 7th century BC when people used magnifying glasses to make fires. Today, you can find solar power all over the world, from the US to Italy to Japan. Solar prices have continued to decline over the years as production has increased. Companies and individuals have adopted solar energy because of its economical and positive environmental benefits. Solar energy begins with the sun, and the light emitted by the sun is called solar radiation, or electromagnetic radiation, and is captured by solar technology. These solar technologies convert the captured radiation into a useful form of energy. 

There are two types of solar energy technologies: photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar-thermal (CSP). Photovoltaic technology generates electricity by directly converting sunlight within solar panels, and is often used in homes, commercial buildings, and utility-scale products. Concentrated solar-thermal energy is commonly used in industrial applications. Since commercial and residential solar power is dominated by photovoltaics, we will focus on the solar power system. Here we explain how the solar power system works.

Here is the content list:

  • The composition and working principle of solar power systems.

  • How does the solar power system work?

The composition and working principle of solar power systems.

Solar Power System

Solar power system is mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, controllers, inverters, batteries, and other accessories. Whether it depends on the public grid, it is divided into two types: off-grid and grid-connected. The off-grid system operates independently and does not need to rely on the grid. The off-grid solar power system is equipped with a battery with an energy storage function, which can ensure the stable power of the system and can supply power to the load. When the solar power system does not generate electricity at night or when the power generation is insufficient on cloudy and rainy days. Regardless of the form, the working principle is that the photovoltaic module converts light energy into direct current, and the direct current is converted into alternating current under the action of the inverter, and finally realizes the functions of electricity consumption and Internet access.

How does the solar power system work?

We've all seen solar panels on the roofs of our houses, but how is electricity generated? The first step begins when sunlight hits a solar panel or photovoltaic panel. Solar cells within a solar panel absorb energy and generate direct current (DC). Wiring and circuits connected to the solar panels collect the direct current and convert it to alternating current (AC) through an inverter. The AC power is then passed to the existing fuse box in your home and the energy is distributed throughout the home to power all your appliances.

Additionally, any electricity not used to power your home can often be sent to the grid or to charge batteries as backup power. The overall process of the solar power system is fairly simple and boils down to four steps. Solar panels use technology to convert sunlight into energy, and many components of the solar power system do the rest. It's worth noting that going solar doesn't mean you're left in the dark by the utility. You can still get a portion of your electricity from the grid to supplement your energy consumption at night or on rainy days because solar cells don't have the sunlight needed to generate electricity. As a result, you can use your electricity happily knowing you are saving money and having a positive impact on the environment.

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