Photovoltaic layout - New energy trends
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Photovoltaic layout - New energy trends

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At present, the world is in an important stage of energy structure transformation in the context of the "dual carbon" goal. The superimposed conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to lead to high fossil energy prices. The importance of renewable energy in various countries has been greatly increased, and the solar photovoltaic industry has been widely used worldwide. Follow and develop.

Photovoltaic layout - New energy trends

The application of solar photovoltaic technology can be traced back to the early 1950s, but it was not until recent years that the solar photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. At present, solar photovoltaic has become one of the most important renewable energy sources in the world. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of industrial scale, the cost of solar photovoltaic has continued to decline. According to the International Energy Agency, the cost of generating electricity from solar photovoltaics has fallen by nearly 80% over the past decade. According to the forecast of the International Energy Agency, by 2030, the installed capacity of solar photovoltaics in the world will reach 1.4 trillion watts.

Photovoltaic layout - New energy trends

The development of the solar photovoltaic industry is the most direct manifestation of the "low-carbon economy" of all new energy industries. 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity invested in solar photovoltaic power generation production can recover 30-50 kilowatt-hours of electricity during its entire life cycle (there are certain differences in different regions), which is a production method with a high return on investment. Under the strong promotion of government policies of various countries, the photovoltaic industry has entered a period of rapid development. From 1997 to 2002, the average annual growth rate of solar cell production was 33.1%; from 2003 to 2007, the average annual growth rate reached 49.5%. From a global perspective, it is an irreversible trend to transform the energy structure towards diversification, cleanliness, and low-carbonization. Governments of various countries actively encourage enterprises to develop the solar photovoltaic industry. In the context of energy transformation, combined with the positive factors of the reduction in the cost of photovoltaic power generation brought about by technological progress, in the medium term, the demand for overseas photovoltaic installed capacity will continue to maintain a high boom. According to the forecast of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, the global newly installed photovoltaic capacity will be 280-330 GW in 2023, and the global newly installed photovoltaic capacity will be 324-386 GW in 2025, supporting the demand for photovoltaic industry chain products to remain high. Chinese photovoltaic industry has the advantage of the world's most complete photovoltaic industry supply chain, complete industrial supporting facilities, a linkage effect between upstream and downstream, and obvious advantages in production capacity and output, which are the basis for supporting product exports. At the same time, Chinese photovoltaic industry continues to innovate, and its technological advantages lead the world, laying the foundation for seizing opportunities in the international market. In addition, digital technology and intelligent technology have accelerated the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, greatly improving production efficiency.

Photovoltaic layout - New energy trends

As a green, clean and renewable energy, the solar photovoltaic industry will play an increasingly important role in the future energy system. Although there are some problems and challenges in the solar photovoltaic industry, with the continuous advancement of technology and continuous support of policies, these problems and challenges will be gradually resolved. Therefore, the solar photovoltaic industry has very broad development prospects and it is an industry worthy of attention and investment.

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