Save Electric Bill 3.5kw 24v MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter
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Save Electric Bill 3.5kw 24v MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter


  • Hinvert

  • 3500W

  • 230 VAC

  • 170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers) /90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)

  • 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)

  • 7000VA

  • 10 ms (For Personal Computers) ; 20 ms (For Home Appliances)

  • single output

  • Pure sine wave

  • 24VDC

  • YES

  • 4000W

  • 120A

  • 98%


A "Save Electric Bill" 3.5kw 24v MPPT off-grid solar inverter is a type of inverter that is designed to convert the DC (direct current) energy generated by solar panels into usable AC (alternating current) power for homes or other electrical loads. This inverter is specifically designed for off-grid solar applications, meaning it is not connected to the utility grid and provides power independently from traditional power sources.

Save Electric Bill 3.5kw 24v MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter

One of the key features of this type of inverter is its Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which optimizes the performance of the solar system by maximizing the power output of the solar panels. This feature helps to improve the overall efficiency of the solar system by ensuring that the inverter is using the most efficient voltage and current combination to generate electricity from the solar panels.

Moreover, this type of inverter includes a capacity of 3.5kW, which means it can manage up to 3500 watts of power output. This makes it suitable for powering small to medium-sized homes or electrical loads.

Additionally, this type of inverter includes off-grid capabilities, which means it can store excess DC energy from the solar panels in battery storage systems for later use when sunlight is not available. This feature ensures that homeowners have a reliable source of power even during periods of low sunlight.

Save Electric Bill 3.5kw 24v MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter

Overall, a "Save Electric Bill" 3.5kw 24v MPPT off-grid solar inverter is a reliable and efficient solution for homeowners who want to reduce their electricity bills and have a reliable source of power using solar energy. With advanced features such as MPPT technology, high-quality conversion, and off-grid capabilities, this type of inverter can help users to optimize their solar energy systems, reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources, and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.


1. Residential Off-Grid Application Scenario:
In this scenario, the Off Grid Solar Inverter is primarily designed for residential use, providing a reliable and sustainable power solution in areas where the electrical grid is inaccessible or unreliable. It is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking energy independence while minimizing their carbon footprint. The Off Grid Solar Inverter seamlessly integrates with solar panels, battery banks, and other renewable energy sources, converting the captured solar energy into usable electricity for various household appliances and devices. With its advanced power management capabilities, this inverter ensures a stable and uninterrupted power supply, enabling homeowners to enjoy the comforts of modern living even in remote locations or during power outages.

2. Commercial Off-Grid Application Scenario:
In commercial settings, the Off Grid Solar Inverter finds extensive application where businesses operate in off-grid locations or require backup power during utility failures. This scenario is particularly relevant for remote resorts, research stations, telecommunication towers, and agricultural operations. The Off Grid Solar Inverter efficiently harnesses solar energy to provide a consistent and sustainable power supply for critical operations and equipment. Its ability to seamlessly switch between solar power and battery backup ensures uninterrupted functionality, enabling businesses to continue their operations without relying on grid electricity. Moreover, the inverter's intelligent power management system optimizes energy usage and minimizes wastage, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

3. Emergency Power Backup Application Scenario:
The Off Grid Solar Inverter also serves as a reliable emergency power backup solution in residential, commercial, and public settings. During natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, when the electrical grid is severely affected, this inverter plays a crucial role in providing essential power for emergency response teams, hospitals, communication centers, and community shelters. Its robust design and high-capacity battery support ensure a continuous power supply for critical equipment, lighting, and life-saving medical devices. The Off Grid Solar Inverter's ability to quickly recharge using solar panels or other renewable energy sources makes it an invaluable asset in emergency situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

4. Off-Grid Mobile Application Scenario:
In addition to stationary applications, the Off Grid Solar Inverter is also suitable for off-grid mobile scenarios. This includes recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, caravans, and other mobile living spaces. The inverter's compact and lightweight design, combined with its ability to integrate seamlessly with solar panels and battery banks, allows for a self-sustaining power system while on the move. Whether camping in remote areas or embarking on long journeys, the Off Grid Solar Inverter provides a reliable and eco-friendly power source for appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, and charging electronic devices. Its versatility and portability make it an essential component for individuals seeking a comfortable and sustainable mobile lifestyle.

5. Rural Electrification Application Scenario:
In rural areas where access to electricity is limited, the Off Grid Solar Inverter plays a vital role in promoting rural electrification initiatives. By harnessing solar energy, this inverter provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to power schools, healthcare centers, community centers, and small businesses. Its ability to efficiently manage power generation and storage ensures a consistent and reliable electricity supply, improving the quality of life for rural communities. The Off Grid Solar Inverter's durability, scalability, and compatibility with various solar panel configurations make it an ideal choice for organizations and governments aiming to bridge the energy gap and empower rural populations.

Note: The above scenarios are provided as examples and are not exhaustive. The Off Grid Solar Inverter can be applied in various other contexts depending on specific requirements and needs.


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