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LCD Status Display

The product comes with LCD status display for conveniently monitoring the whole system. The LCD display provides precise information readouts such as battery status, solar power and connected loads information.

Pure Sine Wave Output

The product provides Pure Sine Wave power output for the devices that require Pure Sine Wave source, guaranteeing all kinds of electronic equipment to last longer, run cooler and more efficiently.

High DC to DC Energy Efficiency

The featured high DC to DC energy efficiency (up to 98%) guarantees low conversion loss and effectively saves energy for users. As a result, the feature reduces energy wastes and ensures optimal system operation.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology

Designed to achieve up to 98% tracking eficiency by adopting Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the product can yield the most power available, providing users the highest amount of solar energy.

Programmable AC/PV Source Priority

The power source for connected equipment can be programmed. Users can set solar energy or utility grid as first priority for powering the devices, providing more flexibility for different scenarios.

Built-in MPPT Charge Controller

Designed with a built-in MPPT charge controller, the product can charge the extended battery modules without connecting to additional solar charger. With the integrated maximum power point tracker, the product can yield the most power available from solar panels, ensuring the highest possible power output.

Generator Compatible

The product is compatible with generators as an alternative input power source to ensure power continuity when solar power is insufficient and with no access to utility grid.

WiFi Remote Monitoring

There is built-in WiFi which allows users to observe real-time system information through the web interface or mobile app, easily remote monitoring.



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