MPPT 100a Wall-mounted Commercial Solar Inverter
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MPPT 100a Wall-mounted Commercial Solar Inverter


  • Hinvert

  • 3000W

  • 120 VAC

  • 90-145 VAC (For Home Appliances)

  • 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)

  • 6000VA

  • 10 ms (For Personal Computers) ; 20 ms (For Home Appliances)

  • Pure sine wave

  • 12 VDC

  • 4000W

  • 100A

  • 98%


MPPT 100a Wall-mounted Commercial Solar Inverter

An MPPT 100a wall-mounted commercial solar inverter is a type of inverter that combines an MPPT charge controller, an inverter, and a battery system into one unit. This particular inverter is designed for commercial applications where reliable and uninterrupted power supply is required, and is rated with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capacity of 100 amps.

Here are some key features and benefits of an MPPT 100a wall-mounted commercial solar inverter:

  1. Battery Storage: The inverter includes a battery backup system, allowing you to store excess energy generated by the solar panels for later use or in case of power outages.

  2. High Efficiency: The MPPT charge controller optimizes the efficiency of the solar panels by tracking the maximum power point of the solar array and adjusting the output accordingly, maximizing energy production.

  3. Load Management: Many commercial-grade solar inverters come equipped with load management features, allowing users to manage their energy usage and reduce peak loads.

  4. Energy Management: The inverter may include features for energy management, such as load shedding or peak shaving, to help you save on energy costs.

  5. Wall-mountable: The compact design of this inverter makes it easy to install on a wall or in a small space.

  6. Remote Monitoring: This model may allow for remote monitoring and system adjustments, making it easy to keep track of your energy usage and system performance.

  7. Safety: These types of solar inverters are designed to meet safety standards and often come equipped with safety features such as overvoltage protection and ground fault detection.

Overall, an MPPT 100a wall-mounted commercial solar inverter is an ideal option for businesses looking to integrate solar energy into their operations, reduce their energy costs, and ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. With battery storage, high-efficiency technology, and a compact design, this type of inverter provides a versatile and efficient solution for commercial solar systems, while also allowing for remote monitoring and system adjustments.

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