1.5kw Hybrid MPPT 12V Off Grid Solar Inverter
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1.5kw Hybrid MPPT 12V Off Grid Solar Inverter


  • Hinvert

  • 1500w

  • 120 VAC

  • 90-145 VAC (For Home Appliances)

  • 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)

  • 3000VA

  • 10 ms (For Personal Computers) ; 20 ms (For Home Appliances)

  • Pure sine wave

  • 12 VDC

  • 2000W

  • 80A

  • 98%


1.5kw 12V Hybrid MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter


  • High effciency pure sine wave inverter (PF=1).

  • Wide PV input range (60Vdc-260Vdc) 80A MPPT SCC.

  • Intelligent 3 stage 80A AC battery charger.

  • Intelligent functionality enables utility & solar input prioritization.

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, or communication with USB/RS232.

  • System configures quickly into compact, wall-mounted system.

  • Enhance MPPT solar charge controller up to 2000 WATTS.

  • Efficiently works without battery.

1.5kw 12V Hybrid MPPT Off Grid Solar Inverter

In off-grid solar systems, the Hinvert inverter/charger integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller serves as the central energy management unit. Its primary function is to provide a consistent supply of "pure sine wave" AC power that meets the requirements of various appliances, regardless of the conditions. Additionally, the inverter/charger plays a crucial role in regulating battery charging and monitoring the flow of energy from the solar array or backup generators.

AC appliances typically operate on AC current, while solar arrays generate DC current. To charge the batteries, a solar charge controller is employed to regulate the DC power from the solar arrays. The batteries serve as a storage bank for excess renewable energy, which can be utilized later as needed. To convert the DC current from the renewable source into usable AC current for powering appliances and other household needs, an inverter is required.

Due to the inherent variability of renewable energy sources, a generator is often incorporated into the system to charge the batteries when necessary. As most generators produce AC output, an AC charger is utilized to convert the AC power into DC for battery charging purposes. Essentially, the Hinvert Power off-grid solar inverter performs the essential functions of regulating PV generation, converting power from DC to AC for consumption, and converting AC to DC for battery charging.


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